How tankerwala is revolutionizing the water supply chains for apartments and tech parks in bengaluru?

Bengaluru has emerged as one of the most promising tech ecosystems in the world. Often labeled as the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru has emerged as one of the leading cities in the nation. But accompanied by these great achievements are some rather overlooked problems in the capital city of Karnataka that require utmost concern. The menacing water crisis, to be precise.


Despite being such a tech-savvy and advanced city, Bengaluru continues to face severe water crises regularly. This can be attributed to various reasons, the most menacing of which is Bengaluru’s unorganized water supply system.

Several settlements, societies and apartments in the rather neglected sections of the city have faced the water shortage problem due to the inefficient water supply system. Much of the problems include finding the right supplier, the right pricing and above all a reliable source of potable water.

The city is dependent for much of its water needs on the Cauvery river. But still, some parts of the capital don’t reap the benefits of the water from the river due to alienation from the core areas of the city.

The severity of such crises is mainly concentrated in the Northern and Eastern parts of the city. Bore wells in these regions have rapidly emerged and unregulated volumes of water is extracted from the ground.


Another problem ubiquitous to the city is the water mafia nexus. These are water tankers operators exploiting the demand and the incompetency of the municipal corporation to fulfill the basic needs of the people.

These tankers don’t follow necessary quality protocols, operate without commercial licenses and charge exorbitant prices during peak summer heats, capitalizing on the opportunity.

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Truth be told, by the looks of it, it’s going to take some time and several drastic changes before the municipal corporation is capable of providing for much of the populace. Until the water supply system in the city is ameliorated, there’s a need for the general public to rely on these water tankers.

Now, there are certain alternatives to counter this peril before it’s too late. The most effective and systematic alternative at the moment is an app trying to organize this unregulated market!


Tankerwala mobile app that allows a user to order water tankers to their doorsteps. Tankerwala is a vanguard in this domain that works to improve water accessibility in the country and maintain quality. The team is also involved in various water management and water recycling projects all over the country. By recycling water, the company is reducing the demand for freshwater at construction sites and irrigation projects.

Unlike the unlicensed water tankers, Tankerwala has certain safety and hygiene regulations with regulated prices for various capacities of water tankers.


  • A super-app for water.               
  • User-friendly and simple interface.
  • Water quality assurance.
  • Regulated prices.
  • Widespread accesibility.
  • Scheduling and subscription features.
  • Super quick deliveries.
  • OTP based verification process during deliveries.
  • Rewards and referral benefits.
  • Geo-positioning and live-tracking feature to monitor the movement of the tanker.


Tankerwala offers tailer-made solutions to various apartment complexes, companies, hospitals and tech parks across the city and have already built the trust among the communities. Tankerwala has been appointed as a primary supplier of reliable quality water at various establishments and is continually delivering top-quality water at affordable prices.

Tankerwala is slowly, but persistently destabilizing the current nexus-driven system to democratize water and add value to its customers. Several resident welfare associations at apartment complexes, tech parks and hospitals have already awarded annual contracts for their daily supply of water.

The team at Tankerwala is highly motivated to regulate this market. And the only path to destabilize the nexus is by working along with Tankerwala who, with the support of the users, can command a better service from the suppliers. 

Water tanker near me
Water tanker near me


However, to avail of all the benefits, you need to install the Tankerwala app from the play store for free and that’s that.

Now you can order water at your doorstep at the click of a button without leaving the comfort of your home. Bulk orders are incorporated with several discounts, rewards and offers of various sorts. Live geo-tracking system provides you with no room for ambiguity regarding your order. Schedule deliveries according to your time preference.

In fact, tankerwala is even introducing 1-hour deliveries soon that’s gonna be a game-changer. The app helps to provide more value to the customer, build a stronger brand, connect with customers quickly, improve customer loyalty, reach a higher customer engagement level that persistently gets customer feedback and works to improve the operations in all aspects.

A social media presence also enables the customers to be notified of any updates, offers, rewards and schemes that the company rolls out. Happy ordering!