Water Tanker State Affairs In Bengaluru

Imagine this: you wake up to one beautiful summer morning and before going on about the rest of your busy day, you head straight to the washroom to freshen up and start up your daily endeavours. But to your dismay, just when you turn on the faucet…”Voila!” 

No water!!!!

You pinch yourself in the hope that this one is a dream. Sounds too lame to be true? Hold my dosa and coffee!

The world’s water crisis has been an unnerving predicament for decades. Unpredictable climate changes, insufficient inventory of water, poor rain harvesting systems, over-reliance on groundwater resources, and several other factors have led to the deterioration of the water supply system.

In 2019, Chennai City experienced its Day Zero when four of its main reservoirs ran dry and the general public had to rely on alternative water sources such as distant, unreliable water pumps and private water tankers.

About 3 years ago, the BBC and NITI Aayog prognosticated that the city of Bengaluru would run out of groundwater in 2020. Though Day Zeronever occurred, the sources still haven’t dismissed the possibility of the ordeal in the future. At present, the city is heavily dependent on borewells, unorganised private water tankers etc. A cheap and affordable water supply system can help alleviate the impending doom.


Water tankers are general means of transporting water to areas in need during a crisis. They are affordable, easily accessible and gets the job done quite easily. The cost of water tankers varies from area to area, depending on demand-supply patterns, seasons, transportation costs, accessibility in sequestered parts of the city, purification processes involved etc.

The cost of water tankers varies with their sizes, the supplier and the client’s proximity from the water tanker station. The tankers usually come in various sizes namely: 1000L, 3000L, 4000L, 6000L, 10000L and so on.

*Cost of 1000L – Rs 550/-.

  Cost of 3000L – Rs 700/-

  Cost of 4000L – Rs 850/-

  Cost of 6000L – Rs 1000/-

  Cost of 10000L – Rs 1250/-

*the figures mentioned are based on word of mouth and most certainly vary.

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One way would be to wear a mask, go out, talk to people who’d direct you to the guy who would get the job done easily. But it is 2022, and if you’re anything like me and avoid unnecessary human contact at all costs, you’d definitely thank me for the TANKERWALA APP.

Yo! an app to deliver water to your doorstep at the click of a button. Well, actually a series of clicks and a sign-up(but that’s it, I swear).

Now you can use the app to check current water tanker prices and schedule water tankers by booking specific time slots according to your convenience. All of that and without even leaving the comfort of your home. (Apologies for spoiling you.)

The water mafia is furious!


Simply because there’s no other app that promises to deliver you water at your doorstep (at least at the moment there isn’t).

I mean, there are several private water tanker suppliers you could google and contact, but they are way too unorganized and the hygiene factor in their functioning is always in question, whereas the water quality at Tankerwala is assessed frequently by government-funded laboratories.

Furthermore, the app even provides a geo-positioning tracking system to help you track your water tanker route.

In addition to this, certain orders and subscriptions are even offered discount coupons that the user can redeem for their future orders. 

All in all, switching from the regular water supplying chains to a more sophisticated and efficient system doesn’t seem like such a daunting task after all. Happy ordering!

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